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07. 05. 2012

The old good place with completely new garden – Republic!

This summer is coming with a style- besides a lot of things that makes Belgrade beautiful as it is, this city will have one more decoration!

The garden of Soho Republic will be open! This will make happy all party lovers! Prepare yourselves for the real sea terrace on Kalemegdan!

The old good place with completely new garden - Republic! Check out why this place has a name "REPUBLIC" - the republic of excellent parties at Pariska St. no. 1.

Urban oasis hidden under a canopy, overlooking the coast creates a romantic atmosphere, while the sunsets make the illusion of movie reality... Between delicious bites and cold cocktails, the only thing that's missing is dancing with the beats of the best Serbian and foreign DJs. Days and nights will never be the same. This is the "Republic" of good taste!

Starting in the middle of May!

Comments (2)

anonymous | 11. 05. 2012, | 15:00

Club was great, I hope that Republic Garden will be the same!

anonymous  | 08. 05. 2012, | 13:53

Excellent! Can't wait!



Season opening 2014 | Plastic Light

Felix | 27. 03. 2014 | 14:59

Hi there,  When will Plastic LIght open for the summer?  Greetz from Switzerland...

not good for foreigner | Tube

killa | 17. 02. 2014 | 08:28

be careful and do not drink much...