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Brooklyn Bar | 12. 04. 2012 | 22:00

Clubbing under the table! - Brooklyn Bar

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Clubbing under the table! - Brooklyn Bar

All of those who are interested are invited at Brooklyn Bar on Clubbing under the table on Thursday, April 12th!

People from Brooklyn Bar always have something new to surprise you. This Thursday - once again. Clubbing under the table.





Everything about this event

Brooklyn Bar

Brooklyn Bar

Brooklyn Bar is situated at Petrogradska street. We are free to say that the district Vračar finally


Thank you for your interest. Your reservation will be processed and you will recieve notification shortly.


Season opening 2014 | Plastic Light

Felix | 27. 03. 2014 | 14:59

Hi there,  When will Plastic LIght open for the summer?  Greetz from Switzerland...

not good for foreigner | Tube

killa | 17. 02. 2014 | 08:28

be careful and do not drink much...