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Bar Latino | 17. 05. 2012 | 21:00

Remake Band - Bar Latino

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Remake Band - Bar Latino

This Thursday, May 17th, at Bar Latino performs Remake Band.

Join us and enjoy listening to great music of Remake Band. Spend your evening in great environment with great music, tasty food and pleasant staff.





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Bar Latino

Bar Latino

Latino Restaurant Bar is open in May 2010. year, situated just a few steps from the Cuban cocktail bar


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Season opening 2014 | Plastic Light

Felix | 27. 03. 2014 | 14:59

Hi there,  When will Plastic LIght open for the summer?  Greetz from Switzerland...

not good for foreigner | Tube

killa | 17. 02. 2014 | 08:28

be careful and do not drink much...