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Kafana Ona Moja | 29. 04. 2014 | 22:00:00
Marko Bulat @ Ona moja

Serbian pop-folk singer and musician Marko Bulat - tonight at taverna Ona moja Belgrade... [more]

Mr. Stefan Braun | 29. 04. 2014 | 23:00:00
Diesel party - Mr Stefan Braun

Nineties music that lasts forever and is very easy to win a new generation. Mr. Stefan Braun announces... [more]

O.U.R. Bar | 30. 04. 2014 | 21:00:00
Live Jazz @ O.U.R. Bar

This Wednesday enjoy live jazz at O.U.R. Bar in Belgrade... [more]

Lava Bar | 28. 05. 2014 | 21:00:00
Tamburasi @ Lava bar

Tonight at Lava bar - old Serbian folk songs played by tamburasi... [more]

Photos from past events

Otvaranje kluba Sound, petak 24.05.2013.A
Cantina de Frida, Friday 4.19.2013.A
Republika, subota 4.5.2013.A
Club House Night, Freestyler, subota 25.05.2013.A
Club House Night, Freestyler, subota 25.05.2013.A
River, Friday 5.31.2013. - Šako PolumentaA

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Tri kuma debela
Tri kuma debela

Kafana (traditional Serbian restaurant) Tri kuma debela is located at the beautiful part of Zemun, near... [more]


Milagro (Spanish: miracle) is situated on the banks of the Danube at Zemun quay, tucked in an attractive... [more]

Sindikat splav
Sindikat splav

Nightclub Sindikat has a versatile music program that will certainly please all its guests, even the... [more]

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Little boy - big basketball player

Julian Newman, a four-foot-five fifth-grader who plays for his school’s varsity basketball team, has become a global Internet sensation thanks to his astounding talent.

[read more]

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Lava Bar
Lava Bar
Lava bar is a multifunctional restaurant that offers its guests an opportunity to enjoy in topnotch Mediterranean cuisine, try some... [more]

About Hot spot

About Hot spot

Belgrade City Guide Hot-Spot is a practical and efficient guide that will help and also ease everyone’s... [more]

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Season opening 2014 | Plastic Light

Felix | 27. 03. 2014 | 14:59

Hi there,  When will Plastic LIght open for the summer?  Greetz from Switzerland...

not good for foreigner | Tube

killa | 17. 02. 2014 | 08:28

be careful and do not drink much...

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